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3. Scientific Research and Cultural Cooperation China - Africa Center for Research and Education & Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, - China
Nature of cooperation
Scientific Research and Cultural Cooperation
Date of Signing MoU, 1st August 2014
Areas of Collaboration:
a) To boost and enhance higher education training through research, training, Innovation, technological development and capacity building in the areas of mutual
b) To provide an instrument for establishing various collaborative initiatives for the growth and mutual benefit of the two institutions.
c) To enhance professional skills of staff in all the institutions through training, joint research ventures, staff exchanges, curricula development and review, staff and students interactions and exchange of experiences and information.
d) To provide an avenue for equipping laboratories and other facilities in cooperating Institutions for promotion of research.
e) To provide avenue for physical facilities development.
f) To encourage joint publication on projects of mutual interest.
g) To encourage any other activities that the Parties agree to be of mutual benefits.

Collaborations and Linkages

University of Pau-France

It was requested that MMU to host one French Master of Tourism student for internship in 2014.The details to be discussed between Dean Tourism MMU and Director Tourism University of Pau France after the conference.

Clemson University - U.S.A.

Exchange research, training and workshop conference Developing a tourism information system for Maasai Mara Game Reserve

University of Bordeaux 3-France

Establishment of a French Language Institute/ centre Maasai Mara University is currently teaching French language to students undertaking tourism, arts and hospitality courses.

Aarhus University- Denmark

Establish and promote joint research, development projects and academic cooperation with focus on the Maasai Mara (ecosystem, living conditions, economic growth and biodiversity)

Regents University-London-U.K

Areas of collaboration: Education cooperation and articulation programmes. Research collaboration Exchange of students, faculty and staff members Joint consultancy activities Knowledge transfer Participation in seminar and academic meetings Exchange of academic materials and other information.

Kenya Industrial Estates

Create incubation centers and incubate student's projects with potential for commercialization. Attachment of MMU staff to enterprise funded through KIE for purposes of gaining experience that would be ploughed back into teaching.

University of Hertfordshire.- London-U.K

To conduct a survey to identify current research, educational, policy and regulatory activities (Governmental, academic, NGO)

University of Munster, Germany

The parties agree to collaborate in the following area of mutual interest: Explore possibilities for joint research programmes, Exchanges for students.

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