All past graduands of Maasai Mara University are requested to register through the given form to enable us have a roll for all alumni. It is important that you fill the form since the alumni association roll shall be conclusive evidence that any person whose name appears therein at the time of claiming to vote as a member of the alumni association is entitled so to vote and that any person whose name does not appear therein is not so entitled.

We intend to call a meeting in the second week of Oct 2015 to enable us hold the first elections for the MMU alumni association.

Any member desired to bring forward any business at such a meeting shall forward it in writing to the secretariat at least four (40 weeks before the date of the meeting. the date proposed for this purpose is 12th August 2015.

Be on the lookout for the advertisement which shall be published on 25th Sep 2015. This shall be the last call and the office of the Registrar shall proceed to conduct elections with those who will be available at that time.

All communications should be addressed to the office of the Registrar, Academic Affaires as indicated below:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christine Achola

Ag. Registrar, Academic Affairs


NicMr. Nic Otsyeno

Alumni, Class of 2014

Being a student of Maasai Mara University has been an enduring investment, one that commenced before admission, was assembled during my time at MMU, and will flourish after graduation. I have learned and grown beyond my expectations. The multicultural environment and capable instructors at MMU furnished me with a solid academic foundation and skills for my current responsibilities.I recall that the period spent here was one of the best periods of my life. MMU is really a treasure house. I was very satisfied with the flexibility and variety of options available in choosing courses. There is a strong correlation between courses and they are well organized to focus on career objectives. Learning about Computer Science practices and interacting with multinational students at MMU was indispensable for me in pursuing a career in Computer Science. I realize that MMU has provided me with a lot of unique, useful and constructive experiences in my life and career. I have been able to improve my cross-cultural skills, which are required in global IT market, by interacting with various students from different regions in discussions and working with group members in class meetings. Its collections are great. I am forever grateful! 

Liz Murageliz
Alumni, Class of 2013

Life at MMU was not that easy but knowing where i was coming from and having Christ in me gave me a good foundation. Financial times were sometimes hard but i thank the Lord for He taught me contentment. I can't deny i used to give my studies my all but i ascribe all the glory and honors to God for my first Class. Having a degree in Business Management and CPA certifications i landed my first job in exactly one week after leaving school. It takes humility courage and sense of gratitude to the Lord for He has taken me miles. Today as i write this testimonial I have landed yet another new opportunity as an auditor in one leading retail chain of companies in Kenya. I owe gratitude to my tutors, family friends and colleagues at MMU for they defined who i am today. The atmosphere of tranquility i enjoyed at MMU sums it up all. To MMU, you are my mum and dad, I am grateful and i will forever live to say thank you. God bless Maasai Mara University. 

danDanson Njonge
Alumni, Class of 2013

Sitting in a computer science class five years ago, I never thought I would end up where I am currently. Everything that happened then now seems to have been in tune with my future in the field of IT. It was not an easy ride through campus; dealing with classes, assignments, clubs and societies but all in all I achieved my best through the help of the Maasai Mara University lecturers and staff. Am currently working as an assistant network administrator at Chloride Exide East Africa. I thank the Almighty for the good care and blessings. "Nothing good comes easy", so goes the saying of old, and I agree.

Makau Mutuastudent

Business Management under Finance option

My experience in MMU: Every place, every situation and everything has a challenge of its own. Even roses have thorns. Being a student in MMU has shaped me as a person, challenged me to strive for the best and not settle for the mediocre. I have learnt to be self-sufficient, resilient and to work hard to achieve my goals since nothing comes on a silver platter.

Encouragement to fellow students and alumni: I urge all comrades to put their best foot forward in ensuring that they  actively take part in the soon to be established MMU Alumni Association. Let's bring great minds together!

Those who want to join MMU: MMU is thriving to become one of the best universities ever. It's the best place to be to enrich your brain power and gain the momentum to conquer your dreams. You can't afford to miss out on such a wonderful opportunity.


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