Journal Papers Published
● August, 2005 presented a paper at the 5th International conference of Kenya chemical society at Kenyatta University.Title „ the fate of pesticides in the environment at Kenya‟ Authors: Oyaro, N. and Gitu, L. (pp. 30).
● Reaction of chloroethenes with atomic chlorine in atmosphere: Morozov, I.Oyaro, N.; Nielsen, C. J.:Submitted preparation Papers presented
● May 29, 2013 presented a paper at Eldoretpolytechni c „effects of heartwood extractive of Terminalia spinosa on wood degradation by fungi
● August, 1999 presented a paper at Kenya Chemical Society International Conference at Jomo Kenyatta University entitled "Heavy metal content in soil as an indicator of pollution in the city of Nairobi"
● June, 2006 presented a paper at the first annual conference Faculty of Science vol.1 , 2006, proceedings pp 10-21, „Phytoremediation of wastewater‟ at Jomo Kenyatta University
Books Published
● Foundation Physical Chemistry For „A‟ Level, Colleges And Universities Published By Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Educational Publishers In 2012, By Dr. Okong'o, E. And Prof Oyaro, N


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