Directorate of Gender, Equity and Culture    

Director: Prof. Tabitha Sewe

The Directorate has continued to create Gender and Equity awareness among staff and students through workshops, seminars and international symposiums. Read More

Directorate of Quality Assurance and Performance Contracting    

Ag. Director: S. K. Partoip 

Quality Management initiatives globally and regionally have become the norm to organizations. The concept of quality in products and services has been embraced in the Kenyan policy framework. Read More

Directorate of Postgraduate Studies

Ag. Director: Dr. Benard Kodak

The Directorate was formally established in September 2014.The Directorate performs its strategic functions through the Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPS) in collaboration with the schools offering graduate programmes. Read More

Directorate of Linkages and Collaborations

Ag. Director: Mr. Lankeu Reson

Maasai Mara University created the Directorate of Linkages, Collaboration and Marketing which is part of the emerging systems of global higher education through innovative strategies, Linkages and Collaborations with other Institutions locally and internationally. Read More

Directorate of Endowment Fund

Director: Prof. Edward Tanui

The MMU Endowment Fund was established by a resolution of the MMU Council. The Directorate envisions collaborations and partnerships with individuals, businesses institutions and corporations to support activities. Read More

Directorate of Maasai Mara University Green Growth Development Research and Training Centre

Director: Prof. Jacqueline McGlade

Responsible for: Find raise for the establishment of the Centre within the approved timelines, Establish world class post graduate research programs, Strengthen research programs to international level. Read More

Directorate of Career Services and Students Advisement

Director: Dr. Augustine Muchiri Kara

Directorate office of Career Service and Students' Advisement with the following responsibilities: Assisting students in Career Placement activities, Respond to student questions pertaining to career development  exploration and placement procedures.Read More

Directorate of Institute of Ethnobiology & Ethnomedicines

Director: Prof. Wycliffe Wanzala

The Directorate of Institute of Ethnobiology & Ethnomedicuines is a newly created Directorate to complement the University's academic, research and community outreach and services activities. Read More

Directorate of Innovation, New and Renewable Energy

Ag. Director: Dr. Aloys Mosima Osano

A Search for Green Energy, Technology and Innovation Platforms: To set up a hub for excellence in research into; materials, Renewable energy, technology and innovations at the university. Read More

Directorate of Marketing & Public Relations

Ag. Director: Mr. S. Yiaile

The Directorate of Marketing and Public Relations is a new Directorate established early year 2017. to strengthen the university's image and publicity by communicating in clarity and integrity the achievements. Read More

Directorate of Examinations & Timetabling

Ag. Director: Mr. John Maera

The Directorate is also facilitating the preparation of University Examinations by organizing external examination of draft question papers and results as scheduled by Senate. Read More      

Directorate of student record and fees compliance

Ag. Director: Mr. S. Bangara

Directorate of Research

Ag. Director: Dr. P. Wabala  

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