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Liz Murage
Alumni, Class of 2013

Life at MMARAU was not that easy but knowing where I was coming from and having Christ in me gave me a good foundation. Financial times were sometimes hard but I thank the Lord for He taught me contentment. I can't deny I used to give my studies my all but I ascribe all the glory and honors to God for my first Class. Having a degree in Business Management and CPA certifications I landed my first job in exactly one week after leaving school. It takes humility courage and sense of gratitude to the Lord for He has taken me miles. Today as I write this testimonial I have landed yet another new opportunity as an auditor in one leading retail chain of companies in Kenya. I owe gratitude to my tutors, family friends and colleagues at MMARAU for they defined who I am today. The atmosphere of tranquility I enjoyed at MMARAU sums it up all. To MMARAU, you are my mum and dad, I am grateful and I will forever live to say thank you. God bless Maasai Mara University. 

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