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Mr. Makau Mutua

Business Management under Finance option

My experience in MMARAU: Every place, every situation and everything has a challenge of its own. Even roses have thorns. Being a student in MMARAU has shaped me as a person, challenged me to strive for the best and not settle for the mediocre. I have learned to be self-sufficient, resilient and to work hard to achieve my goals since nothing comes on a silver platter.

Encouragement to fellow students and alumni: I urge all comrades to put their best foot forward in ensuring that they actively take part in the soon to be established MMARAU Alumni Association. Let's bring great minds together!

Those who want to join MMARAU: MMARAU is thriving to become one of the best universities ever. It's the best place to be to enrich your brain power and gain the momentum to conquer your dreams. You can't afford to miss out on such a wonderful opportunity.

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