Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Adan

Dean of Students and Chairman- Kenya Universities Dean of Students (KUDSA)

Student Affairs Department is under the general guidance of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, who is also the head of the Academic Division. The Dean of Student’s office is primarily concerned with students’ welfare from the time they enter into the University to the time they graduate from the University. It is also directly responsible for the following areas which are core in the successful molding of responsible citizens and scholars of this Nation. Guidance and Counseling, Games and Sports, Coordination of all activities of Clubs & Societies. In addition, the office also handles matters related to Maasai Mara Students Organization (MMUSO), Wardenship, students’ conduct, and discipline and largely, cooperates with the public on matters affecting students. Maasai Mara University has a strong sporting relationship with other Universities Sporting Associations e.g. Western Kenya Universities Sports Association (WEKUSA) and Kenya Universities Sports Association (KUSA). We also take pride in our own internal competitions which enhance interactions among students. These are normally organized under the banner of Inter-School Games & Sports Competitions. Maasai Mara University takes pride in being a source of encouragement to students who have or intend to form professional Clubs which helps in the advancement and sharing of knowledge. Some of these clubs include (i) Maasai Mara University Accounting Students Association (MMUASA), Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), Chama cha Kiswahili cha Maasai Mara, Christian Union, SDA, Catholic Students Association (CSA) and Muslim Students Association, among others. It is important to note that Maasai Mara University is an examination center for KASNEB, and is in the process of being accredited as a teaching center for KASNEB courses. This is done in the spirit of enriching professionalism of our students and also improving their employability in the job market. The Dean of Students’ office works very closely with HELB and other financing agencies in identifying very needy cases among registered students of Maasai Mara University. It is through this good working relationship that all deserving students do not only get HELB Loan but also get HELB bursaries.

Guidance & Counseling

This department promotes and facilitates Students' personality, social and intellectual development. This aids in bringing up a holistic person in our students: responsible, accountable and of good character in all the future undertakings. Our Counselor liaises with those who closely interact with the affected students assisting them to manage and resolve their problems. The G & C department also trains peers counselors among students to enable them to undertake counseling roles.

Games & Sports

This department strives to promote physical and mental fitness of students at the University. The students participate in both indoor and outdoor activities, which include scrabble, monopoly, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, rugby, and soccer among others. Read More

Clubs & Societies

The office of the Dean of Students advises modalities of formation of clubs. It also registers clubs to allow them to function within the University. Students are encouraged to join the various clubs or to form new ones in the event that they can cater to both their academic and social welfare. Currently, the registered clubs and societies fall under the following categories: academic, religious, recreational and environmental. Registered Clubs

Students Benevolence

When a student passes away or is bereaved by a close family member (Parents and or brother/ sister) the Deans office organizes for students to attend a funeral and also send staff to represent the University Administration at the funeral.

Work Study programme

The Dean of Students Office identifies needy students and places them in various departments of the University to work and earn some income mainly for upkeep. This goes a long way in making students from less privileged backgrounds earn some income as they serve the University as well.

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