Dr. Patrick Kamundia, Chairperson 

Welcome to the Department of Environmental Studies, Geography and Agriculture at Maasai Mara University. Our mission is to offer world class knowledge transfer experience and research in the environmental studies and natural resource management and directly impact the community we are in through community outreach programmes.

We take great pride in contributing to Kenya’s attainment of the Vision 2030 and SDGs through building human capital required for the transition to a knowledge-driven economy and wealth creation through reinvigorated graduate and post-graduate programmes. We endeavor to contribute to enhance the Science-policy interface through credible research, and rigorously training post-graduate students who can stand on their own feet. We also look to extend our networks through teaching and research collaborations, which mutually enrich us.

We have new post-graduate courses in MSc and Ph.D. in Land Resource Management and MSc and Ph.D. in Environmental Planning and Management. There are also exciting graduate programmes like BSc Earth Science, Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, Bachelor of Environmental Management, BSc Animal Health and Production, and so much more.

We are committed to world-class teaching and providing solutions to environmental problems in Narok and the region. Furthermore, the exploitation of natural resources in the University environs is a great challenge, and the execution of our mandate has never been more important. The department had 6 undergraduate programmes and 6 post-graduate programmes. Diploma programmes in Animal Health and Production and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be launched soon.

Prospective students looking for careers in natural resource management will find our degree and diploma programmes a splendid Launchpad for their careers. Find more information on the programmes in links below.

Post-Graduate Programmes:

  1. M.Sc. Environmental Studies
  2. Ph.D. Environmental Studies
  3. M.Sc. Land Resource and Management
  4. Ph.D. Land Resource and Management
  5. M.Sc. Environmental Planning and Management
  6. Ph.D. Environmental Planning and Management

Graduate Programme:

  1. Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning
  2. Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Earth Science)
  3. Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Biology and Health)
  4. Bachelor of Environmental Management
  5. Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and Production
  6. Bachelor of Arts Geography

For further inquiries, please feel most welcome to contact us.  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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