Tourism  Natural Resource Management

Dept. of Environmental Studies, Geography & Agriculture

Dr. Patrick Kamundia, Chairperson 

The Department of Environmental studies, Geography & Agriculture is one of the pioneer departments in the flagship school of tourism and natural resources management of Maasai Mara University. The department’s vision is to be a department of high academic and professional achievement in teaching, research, consultancy and community service in sustainable utilization of natural resources and sustainable development. The department has a mission of providing adequate knowledge, attitudes and skills in global and local environmental issues through teaching, research and community outreach in order to sustainable utilize natural resources. It develops its departmental objectives annually. The current year’s objectives include: (i) reviewing the existing programs to improve quality and market orientation; (ii) design curricular for preventive health related programs so as to help reinforce the intricate link between health of man and the environment; (iii) provide practical training, guided mentorship to all students and young staff; and (iv) support continuous professional development of staff through conferences, workshops and seminars locally and internationally.


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