Minimum Entry Requirements

B.Sc. Chemistry, Second Class Upper or Second Class lower Division with Relevant work experience of 2 Years or extensively published in any refereed journals.

The School has a varieties of Undergraduate programs in various areas like Computer Science, Applied Statistics with Computing, Information Science, Chemistry, Botany, Physics, Zoology and Mathematics. The following programs are on going in the school.Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

Bachelor of Science (Applied statistics with Computing)

Bachelor of Science (Information Science)

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

Bachelor of Science (Physics)

Bachelor of Science (Botany)

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)

Bachelor of Science (Zoology)

Minimum Entry Requirements

KCSE C+/Diploma

All most all the Departments in the School also offers some highly demand Diploma Programs. Below is the list of their Name of program, Admission Requirements and fee structure.

Diploma in Computer Science

Diploma in Applied statistics with Computing

Diploma in Information Science

Diploma in Chemistry

Diploma in Physics

Diploma in Zoology

Diploma in Mathematics

Minimum Entry Requirements

KCSE C/C- or Certificate

The Department of Computer and Information Science and Department of Mathematics & Physical Sciences offers various certificate programs. E.g.

Certificate in Computer Science

Certificate in Applied statistics with Computing

Minimum Entry Requirements:

KCSE C- / D+

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