The PhD programme in Environmental Studies is aimed at integrating a wide range of concepts embracing multiple approaches, with a focus on training and developing capacity on managing, use, development, understanding and solving critical and emerging environmental issues and challenges. This involve the pressing environmental issues and problems in the country and in the region. It is also aimed at producing human resources who will form leaders to manage the resources for the County as well as national government(s).


There are pressing environmental issues in the county as well as in the country including the shrinking of arable land relative to rapidly growing human and livestock populations, loss of vegetation resulting in flooding and soil erosion, destruction of water catchment important for the region, high pressure on energy resources, increased pressure on wildlife in national parks and game-reserves, forests and wetlands, deterioration of the social environment including human settlement and sanitation, work place especially in the urban, peri-urban and rural areas among other issues. These environmental issues, their management and development require skilled manpower at all levels. Therefore, in this regard, this programme will develop professional and research capabilities in all major areas of environment which are of local, national and regional significance, to keep in line with the requirements of the market so that graduates are trained and capacitated on solving the environmental challenges for sustainable development. 


At the completion of the students’ thesis the students should be able to have generated and disseminate knowledge and innovation to make a contribution

  1. a) To provide knowledge and understanding of environmental problems and ways of addressing them.
  2. b) In refining and advancing knowledge in various aspects of the environment and on environmental issues
  3. c) To conduct demand-driven, problem solving and action-oriented research projects in the field of Environmental Studies
  4. d) Demonstrate proficiency in quantitative methods, qualitative analysis, critical thinking, and written and oral communication needed to conduct interdisciplinary work in the field of environmental studies


To qualify for admission into a Doctor of Philosophy programme, a candidate shall be a

  1. Holders of a relevant Masters degree of Maasai Mara University.  OR
  2. Holders of a relevant Masters degree from any other accredited University recognized by Maasai Mara University Senate as equivalent to (i) above. OR

            iii.         Holder of other qualifications considered by Senate as equivalent to a relevant Masters degree.

  1. In addition to the Masters degree, the candidate shall normally have a Bachelors degree.
  2. In addition to the above, applicants must meet the specific requirements of the doctoral degree programme as approved by senate
  3. In addition to fulfilling the common university regulations, an applicant for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Studies should be a holder of a Masters in the following disciplines: life science, physical sciences, social sciences, law, engineering, humanities and allied disciplines. This include Masters in Environmental Studies, Land Resources Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Wildlife, Forestry, Agriculture, Land Economics, Law, Sociology, Tourism, Natural Resource Management and Geography from a University recognized by Maasai Mara University senate. 


Dr. Waweru Kamundia

Chairperson, Department of Environmental Studies, Geography and Agriculture,

Maasai Mara University, 
P.O. Box 861-20500,

Cell: +254 722 408 815 
+254 770 745 339 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Maasai Mara University is ISO 90001:2008 Certified
Twitter: (@MMaraUniversity)

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