School of Natural Resource and Animal Sciences

Prof. Aggrey D. M. Thuo

Dean of School

The School has two academic departments: Dept. of Environmental Studies, Geography & Agriculture, and the Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management 

The School is currently running three (3) Ph.D. Programmes (Environmental Studies, Environmental Planning and Management, and   Land Resource Management),  Four (4)  Masters Programmes (Environmental Studies,  Environmental Planning  and Management,  Land Resource Management,   Geography) and Nine (9) Bachelors Programmes (Urban and Regional Planning;  Environmental Management;  Animal Health and Production; Earth Sciences; Geography;  Environmental  Studies (Biology and Health);    Wildlife Management;  Forestry Ecosystem Management ) The school also offer Two (2) Diploma Programmes: Tourism and Wildlife Management;  and Animal Health and Production). One (1) Certificate Programme: Tourism and Wildlife Management.

The study programmes focus on preparing students for careers with environmental management agencies, Urban planning authorities, forestry and agriculture, livestock sectors. The school also, as one of our primary commitments and focus through Mara Resource and Outreach Centre, run community Outreach programmes and activities.

The School has played a key role in ensuring that Maasai Mara University is a recognized Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) in Environmental Education.

There are a number of organizations that the School, through the University, is collaborating with, including Clemson University, Northern Arizona University of Forestry, the University of Maryland in Wildlife and Environmental Education, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Aarhus University, among other. These collaborations provide opportunities for staff exchanges and for our students to travel abroad for Graduate Studies.