Maasai Mara University aspires to conduct research, teaching and training of high caliber professionals for societal development. BA in History programme therefore endeavors to train and create an awareness and understanding of the past as it relates to the present and future development of the Kenyan and global citizenry.


The Bachelor of Arts in History Programme aims at training professional historians to attain strong understanding and appreciation of both the past and the present and who will respect other people’s cultural practices and national differences. It is a course that widens the scope of students in a wide range of knowledge on various historical facts in Kenya, Africa and the World at large.


To prepare people who will contribute their knowledge for the good of the society they live in and national development.

To prepare life-learners, able to update their knowledge and skills, and adapt to the rapid social, economic and technical changes that will occur in Kenya, Africa and the world at large.

To produce a person who will be tolerant and responsible global citizen.


To enable the student appreciate history as a source of knowledge.

To develop the intellectual curiosity, ability and integrity.

To enable one to improve on analyzing, researching, and historical writing.

To enable the student to be a tolerant citizen who appreciates other peoples cultures, values, religion and upholds the virtues of integrity, honesty and patriotism.

To stimulate and encourage students to pride in the African heritage so that they may face their challenges with confidence.


At the completion of the course students majoring in History will be able to:

 Work in the public and private sectors

 Work in cultural heritage institutions

 Offer technical skills and advise acquired from the study of history to the government and other institutions.

 Advance their studies to higher levels and contribute to the development of historical research and publication.


The general teaching methodology will be lectures, tutorials, seminars, brain storming, field trips, group discussion, and class presentations.


2.7.1 Admission Requirements

To be admitted into this programme:

The applicant must fulfill KUCCPS requirements as prescribed in cluster 6 of the KUCCPS admission criteria.

For mature entry one must be a holder of a minimum mean grade of C+ or 2 principals and a subsidiary or a diploma in a relevant discipline or its equivalent. Applicants who have attained Diploma (lasting at least two years) with a credit pass will be admitted in second year.

2.7.2 Course Requirements

The requirements of thecourses include lecture attendance, seminar participation, direct study, group work and project work writing.

In addition lecturers are obligated to offer quality academic support to learners including timely feedback.  The Department and the School are also obligated to conduct an induction every academic year as well as provide departmental and school facilities to learners. The University will offer both academic support such as library services as well as welfare support.

2.7.3 Student Assessment Criteria

The pass mark shall be 40%. The form of examination for each paper is decided by the Course Lecturer and approved by moderators.

Courses shall be examined at the end of each semester. A written examination shall normally constitute 70% of the total marks in each course. Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) based on assignments, seminars and essays will constitute 30% of the total marks.

A candidate who fails at least 5 courses in a given semester shall be required to re-sit all courses in that semester when next offered.

A candidate who, for verifiable and just reasons fails to sit for an examination shall be allowed to re-sit for that examination when next offered. Medical cases must be supported by authentic documentary proofs.

2.7.4 Grading System

The final award of the BA inPolitical Science and Public Administration will be based on overall marks obtained in examinations, CATs. These overall marks shall be graded as follows:

A              70% and above

B               60-69 %

C               50-59 %

D               40-49%

F                Below 40 %

2.7.5 Examination Regulations

Internal and external examination regulations for the programme shall be as specified in the University Examination Regulations.

2.7.6 Moderation of Examinations

In order to monitor the reliability and validity of assessment procedures and academic standards, both internal and external examiners shall be involved in the moderation of examinations as specified in the University Examination Regulations. 

2.7.7 Graduation Requirements

The final award of the BA inHistory will be based on the learners having passed the minimum 54 courses.


Review of this curriculum will be done after 5 years. Course evaluation shall include the course content, instructional process, infrastructure and equipment for the delivery, instructional and reference materials and assessments.


The BA inHistory is housed in the Department of Social Studies in the School of Arts and Social Sciences. Leadership is offered by the Dean of the School.

The Departmental Curriculum Board is the major vehicle for the quality assurance for the programme. It works hand in hand with the Directorate of Quality Assurance and Performance Contracting (DQAPC). DQAPC in turn reports to Senate through the academic division head. The directorate focuseson quality assurance, enhancement and internal audit of quality and arrangements necessary to ensure compliance with national, regional and international frameworks and codes of practice relating to academic standards, quality assurance and enhancement of degree programmes in the university.



First Year

First Semester                 

CODE                 TITLE            REQUIRED/CORE/ELECTIVE              CREDIT HOURS                                                                

CMJ 1100: Communication Skills                                    Required University                3

ZOO 1100: HIV &Aids & Lifestyle Diseases      Required University                            3

HIS 1103: Ethnography of African Society                      Required University                3

SOC 1105: Introduction to Social Science                        Required Department              3

HIS 1104: Introduction to African History to 1884          Core                                        3

HIS 1105: Introduction to Historical Studies                    Core                                        3

HIS 1106: Sources of African History                             Core                                        3

Second Semester

COM 1200: Computer and Information Literacy  Required University                            3

MAT 1200: Quantitative Skills                             Required University                            3

SWK 1207: Deviation and Rehabilitation                         Required School          3

SWK1208: Social Science Perspectives in HIV/AIDS     Required School                      3

REL1211: Introduction to Philosophy & Religion Studies Department                            3         

HIS 1207: Introduction to World Civilization       Required Department                          3

HIS 1208: Introduction to African History since 1884     Core                                       3

Second Year

First Semester

ENS 2100: Environmental Skills                          Required University                           3

REL 2100: Philosophy & Critical Thinking                      Required University                3

PSA 2109: Introduction to Political Philosophy   Required Department                          3

HIS 2109: Kenya in World History                                  Required Department              3

HIS 2110: History of Kenya to 1895                                Core                                        3

HIS 2111: Themes in East African History                      Core                                        3

HIS 2112 Historical Transformation of Europe since 1789          Elective                       3

HIS 2113 History of the Middle East since 1800 Elective                                    3

Second Semester

REL2205: Religion and Society                                        Required Department              3

HI 2214:Capitalism and Imperialism in World History                                       3

PSA 2215: Ethnicity, Race Relations and Nation Building in Kenya School                    3

HIS 2215: History of Kenya from 1895 to 1963  Core                                                    3

HIS 2216: International Organizations since 1919            Core                                        3

HIS 221: Themes in West Africa History since 1800       Elective                                    3

HIS 2218: The United States of America since 1776                    Elective                        3

Third Year

First Semester

SOC 3123: Contemporary Gender Issues                         Required School                      3

REL3105: Religion and Science                                        Required Department              3

PSA 3121: Nationalism and the African States     Required Department                          3

HIS 3119: History of Kenya since 1963               Core                                                    3

HIS 3120: Development of Historical Thought up to 1900          Core                            3

HIS 3121: History of Economic Thought             Elective                                                3

HIS 3122: African Economic History up to 1900Elective                                    3

HIS 3123: Gender Relations in African History   Elective                                                3

HIS 3124: African Urban History                        Elective                                                3

HIS 3125: Africana and Diaspora Studies to 1900           Elective                                    3

Second Semester

BBM 3200: Entrepreneurial & Work Skills                      Required University                3

SOC 3230: Social Change & Development                                  Required Department  3

HIS 3226: Development of Historical Thought since 1900          Core                            3

HIS 3227: Methods of Historical Research                      Core                                        3

HIS 3228: African Economic History since 1900Core                                        3

HIS 3229: Field Work                                          Core                                                    3

HIS 3230: Africana Studies since 1900                Elective                                                3

HIS 3231: History of Political Thought                Elective                                                3

HIS 3232: Economic History of the Developing World   Elective                                    3

HIS 3233: Aspects of Latin America        History            Elective                                    3

Fourth Year  

First Semester

PSA 4140: Policy Analysis, and Project Management Required School              3

REL 4105: Issues in Social Ethics                        Required Department              3

GEO101: Disaster and Conflict Management                   Required School                      3

HIS 4134: History of Science                                           Required Department              3

HIS 4135: Issues in African Historiography                   Core                                        3

HIS 4136: Constitutional and Legal History of Kenya     Core                                        3

HIS 4137: History of World Economic System    Elective                                                3

HIS 4138: Industrialization in World History       Elective                                                3

HIS 4139: African Military History                                  Elective                                    3

HIS 4140: British Imperial History                                   Elective                                    3

Second Semester

CMD4226: Planning, Culture & Development     Required Department                          3

HIS 4241: African Agricultural History               Core                                                    3

HIS 4242: Kenya’s Economy Since 1963            Core                                        3

HIS 4243: Research Project                                              Core                                       6

HIS 4244: Gender in History                                            Elective                                    3

HIS 4245: Kenya’s Foreign Policy Since 1963    Elective                                                3

HIS 4246: South East Asia since 1945                 Elective                                                3


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