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Research has shown that the teaching of political science and public administration can be irrelevant to the needs of development if care is not taken to incorporate all the aspects in this field, namely political science theory, international political economy, public administration, comparative politics and international relations. Moreover these four must relate to contemporary practice.

This programme is therefore expected to train graduates in the understanding of the political science and public administration discipline.. It takes cognisance of  the comprehensive and relevant to the needs of development in Kenya and beyond. It is designed to provide theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge about man and governance.

Students graduating with specialization in Political Science and Public Administration are well equipped to work in government including; foreign service, state enterprises, managerial position in the private sector, non-governmental organizations, research institutions and policy think tanks, in which their knowledge of international organizations and relations will have an added advantage.


At the completion of the course students majoring in Political Science and Public Administration should be able to:

  1. Manage public and private sector organizations.
  2. Handle matters relating to international relations.
  3. Formulate and analyze public policy.
  4. Analyze different political and administrative situations using different theories.


To be admitted in the degree programme the applicant must fulfill the common academic requirements as prescribed by Maasai Mara University which are:

  1. Mean grade of C+ in KCSE or
  2. Two principal passes and subsidiary pass at KACE - “A” Level or
  • A two year diploma in a related discipline from a recognized/accredited institution at the grade of credit and above.


The courses offered are shown below.

N/B: University-wide common courses are italicized; Programme core courses and required courses are in normal font; Elective courses are in bold font.


First Semester

Code                           Title                                                               Credit Hours

CMJ 1100:      Communication Skills                                                          3

ZOO 1100:     HIV & Aids & Lifestyle Diseases                                            3

SAS 1103:      The Art of Writing                                                                  3

PSA 1103:      Introduction to Political Science                                           3

PSA 1104:      Introduction to Public Administration                                    3

PSA 1105:      Introduction to International Relations                                  3

PSA 1106:      Introd. to International Political Economy                             3

HIS 1103:       Ethnography of African Society                                             3

Second Semester

Code                           Title                                                                Credit Hours

COM 1200:     Computer & Information Literacy                                         3

MAT 1200:      Quantitative Skills                                                                  3

SAS 1204:      Deviation and Rehabilitation                                                  3

PSA 1207:      Intro to Research Methods in Political

                      Science & Public Administration                                             3

PSA 1208:      Principles of Management                                                     3

PSA 1209:      Comparative Constitutional Process                                     3

PSA 1210:      Political Parties and Interest Groups                                     3

PSA 1211:      Politics and Government in Kenya                                        3



First Semester

Code                           Title                                                                Credit Hours

ENS 2100:       Environmental Skills                                                               3

REL 2100:       Philosophy & Critical Thinking                                               3

SAS 2105:      Principles of Communication                                                 3 

PSA 2112:      Introduction to Political Philosophy                                        3

PSA 2113:      Introduction to Comparative Politics                                       3

PSA 2114:      Africa in International Relations                                              3

PSA 2115:      Strategic and National Security Studies                                 3

PSA 2116:      International Migration                                                            3


Electives (Choose at least 1 elective)

PSA 2117:      Introduction to Conflict Management                                 3

HIS2109:        Kenya in World History                                                         3

Second Semester

Code                           Title                                                                    Credit Hours

SAS 2206:      Ethnicity, Peace Relations and Nation

                       Building in Kenya                                                                  

PSA 2218:      Theory and Methods of Political Inquiry                                 3

PSA 2219:      Administrative Law                                                                 3

PSA 2220:      Social Statistics in Political Science &

                      Public Administration                                                              3

PSA 2221:      Government and Politics in East Africa                                  3

PSA 2222:      Labour Movements in Transitional Societies                          3


Electives (Choose at least 1 elective)

PSA 2223:      Politics of Land & Agrarian Reform in Kenya                     3

PSA 2224:      Public Finance Management                                                3

Third Year

First Semester                                                                                                 

Code                           Title                                                                Credit Hours

SAS 3107:      Contemporary Gender Issues                                                 3

PSA 3125:      Nationalism and the African States                                         3

PSA 3126:      Research Methodology                                                           3

PSA 3127:      Theories of International Relations                                          3

PSA 3128:      Field Course                                                                            3

PSA 3129:      Human Rights and Refugee Problems                                    3


Electives (Choose at least 1 elective)

PSA 3130:      Public Personnel Management                                            3

PSA 3131:      Politics of Economic Co-operation in Africa                      3

Second Semester

Code                           Title                                                                Credit Hours

BBM 3200:      Entrepreneurial & Work Skills                                                3

SAS 3208:      Communication and Culture                                                  3

PSA 3232:      Kenya's Foreign Policy                                                           3

PSA 3233:      Public Policy Analysis                                                            3

PSA 3234:      Politics and Government in Africa                                          3

PSA 3235:      Peace and Conflict in Middle-East                                         3

PSA 3236:      International Organizations                                                     3


Electives (Choose at least 1 elective)

PSA 3237:      Comparative Local Government                                         3

PSA 3238:      Political Systems of Developing Nations

                        (Excluding Africa)                                                                 3

PSA 3239:      Politics of Industrialization and

                       Agriculture in Africa                                                             3

PSA 3240:      Politics of Gender and Development                                  3

Fourth Year

First Semester

Code                           Title                                                                Credit Hours

SAS 4109:      English for Specific Purposes                                                3

PSA 4141:      International Law                                                                   3

PSA 4142:      African Political Thought                                                        3

PSA 4143:      Field Attachment &Project                                                     6

PSA 4144:      Political Economy of Developing Countries                           3

PSA 4145:      Politics of Multi-national Corporations                                   3


Electives (Choose at least 1 elective)

PSA 4146:      Developing Countries in International

                        Relations                                                                              3

PSA 4147:      Refugees in Global Transformation.                                   3

PSA 4148:      Policy Analysis and Project Management                          3

PSA 4149:      Development Administration                                               3

Second Semester

Code                           Title                                                                Credit Hours

SAS 4210:      Disaster & Conflict Management                                            3

PSA 4250:      Human Resource Management                                               3

PSA 4251:      Contemporary Political Theory                                                3

PSA 4252:      Cooperation & Conflict in International

                       Relations                                                                                 3

PSA 4253:      Politics of Environment and Development                              3


Electives (Choose at least 2 electives)

PSA 4254:      Comparative Foreign Policies of Developing

                        Countries                                                                               3

PSA 4255:      The Politics of Genocide                                                       3

PSA 4256:      International Law and African States                                  3



Collaborations and Linkages

University of Pau-France

It was requested that MMU to host one French Master of Tourism student for internship in 2014.The details to be discussed between Dean Tourism MMU and Director Tourism University of Pau France after the conference.

Clemson University - U.S.A.

Exchange research, training and workshop conference Developing a tourism information system for Maasai Mara Game Reserve

University of Bordeaux 3-France

Establishment of a French Language Institute/ centre Maasai Mara University is currently teaching French language to students undertaking tourism, arts and hospitality courses.

Aarhus University- Denmark

Establish and promote joint research, development projects and academic cooperation with focus on the Maasai Mara (ecosystem, living conditions, economic growth and biodiversity)

Regents University-London-U.K

Areas of collaboration: Education cooperation and articulation programmes. Research collaboration Exchange of students, faculty and staff members Joint consultancy activities Knowledge transfer Participation in seminar and academic meetings Exchange of academic materials and other information.

Kenya Industrial Estates

Create incubation centers and incubate student's projects with potential for commercialization. Attachment of MMU staff to enterprise funded through KIE for purposes of gaining experience that would be ploughed back into teaching.

University of Hertfordshire.- London-U.K

To conduct a survey to identify current research, educational, policy and regulatory activities (Governmental, academic, NGO)

University of Munster, Germany

The parties agree to collaborate in the following area of mutual interest: Explore possibilities for joint research programmes, Exchanges for students.

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