Degree Code: SOC

Degree Title: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Degree Duration: 4 Years

Degree Description:

A specialization in Sociology is designed to achieve the two-fold objective of providing a thorough grounding in the discipline and applying sociological analysis to areas of national concern where graduates can put their sociological understanding and skills into practice.

Research on relevance of sociology for social development in the developing countries has revealed that sociology has massive potential to bring about the desired social change and development. However, sociology cannot deliver this promise without comprehensively training practitioners who can be bestowed with this mandate. This programme therefore, is expected to nurture professionalism, leadership and management of change agents who will have the ability to integrate theory and practice hence contribute to Sustainable Social Development.

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Programme:

By the end of this programme, the learner should:

  1. Acquire knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to function in a variety of service delivery contexts.
  2. Apply core principles of the programme in the field of academia, research and other sociology contexts.
  3. Apply and integrate the sociology programme to various cultures, communities or societies.

Minimum admission requirements for the program:

To be admitted in the degree programme the applicant must fulfill the common academic requirements as prescribed by Maasai Mara University which are:

  1. Mean grade of C+ in KCSE or
  2. Two principal passes and subsidiary pass at KACE - “A” Level or

A two year diploma in a related discipline from a recognized/accredited institution at the grade of credit and above.   

Degree Courses

List of Course Per Semester

The courses offered are shown below.

N/B: University-wide common courses are italicized; Programme core courses and required courses are in normal font; Elective courses are in bold font.

First year

First Semester

Code Title  Credit Hours
CMJ 1100 Communication Skills  3
ZOO 1100 HIV & Aids & Lifestyle Diseases 3
SAS 1103 The art of writing 3
SOC 1103 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC 1104 Psychology of Individual Development & Social Behavior 3
SOC 1105 Introduction to Social Science 3
SOC 1106 Social Psychology 3
Total Credit Hours 21

Second Semester

Code Title  Credit Hours
COM 1200 Computer & Information Literacy 3
MAT 1200 Quantitative Skills 3
SAS 1204 Deviation and Rehabilitation 3
SOC 1207 Classical Sociological Theories 3
SOC 1208 Human Growth and Development 3
SOC 1209 The socialization process 3
SOC 1210 Introduction to Anthropology  3
Total Credit Hours 21

Second Year     

First Semester

Code Title  Credit Hours
ENS 2100 Environmental Skills 3
REL 2100 Philosophy & Critical Thinking 3
SAS 2105 Principles of Communication  3
SOC 2111 Gerontology 3
SOC 2112 Sociology of Marriage and Family 3
SOC 2113 Research Methodology 3
SOC 2114 Social Stratification 3
SOC 2115 Criminology 3
Total Credit Hours 24 

Second semester 

Code Title  Credit Hours
REL 2205 Religion and Society 3
SAS 2206 Ethnicity, Peace Relations and Nation-Building in Kenya 3
SOC 2216 Quantitative Methods in Sociology 3
SOC 2217 Social Policy and Administration 3
SOC 2218 Globalization and its Discontent 3
SOC 2219 Social Demography 3
SOC 2220 Formal Organizations 3
Total Credit Hours 21

Third Year 

First Semester

Code Title  Credit Hours
SAS 3107 Contemporary Gender Issues 3
SOC 3121 Community Development  3
SOC 3122 Contemporary Sociological Theory 3
SOC 3123 Qualitative Methods in Sociology 3
SOC 3124 Sociology of Sex and Gender 3
SOC 3125 Principles and Techniques of Counseling 3
SOC 2220 Formal Organizations 3
Electives *Choose at least 1
SOC 3126 Handicap and Social Integration 3
SOC 3127 Social Justice and Civil Society 3
Total Credit Hours 24

Second Semester

Code Title  Credit Hours
BBM 3200  Entrepreneurial & Work Skills 3
SAS 3208 Communication & Culture 3
SOC 3228 Social Change & Economic Development 3
SOC 3229 Sociology of Planning and Development  3
SOC 3230 Field Attachment 6
SOC 3231 Community Health 3
Electives *Choose at least 1
SOC 3232 Sociology of Religion 3
SOC 3233 Sociology of Education and Information 3
Total Credit Hours 24 

Fourth Year

First Semester

Code Title  Credit Hours
SAS 4109 English for specific purposes 3
SOC 4134 Research Project 6
SOC 4135 Environmental Sociology 3
SOC 4136 Sociology of Urbanization 3
SOC 4137 Sociology of Work and Occupation 3
SOC 4138 Rural Sociology 3
Electives *Choose at least 1
SOC 4139 Race and Ethnic Relations 3
SOC 4140 Political Sociology  3
Total Credit Hours 24

Second Semester

Code Title  Credit Hours
SAS 4210 Disaster & Conflict Management 3
SOC 4241 Social Development  3
SOC 4242 Field Course 3
SOC 4243 Project Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation 3
SOC 4244 Participatory Development 3
SOC 4245 Economy and Society   3
Electives *Choose at least 1
SOC 4246 Comparative Development Strategies 3
SOC 4247 Consultancy & Practice in Sociology 3
SOC 4248 Sociology of Death and Dying 3
Total Credit Hours 21



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