As the government of Kenya strengthens ties and partnerships with the Chinese Government, Maasai Mara University is fortunate and ahead of many other public varsities in Kenya,  warmly welcoming  and engaging varied and meaningful partnerships and collaborations from China. These prospective mergers emanate from reputable academic and industrial institutions and firms that seek to extend their skills, knowledge, expertise and resources to  Kenya.  

This has been evident today,  Tuesday  December 18th, 2018 when a delegation from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Sino-Africa Joint Research Centre (SAJOREC), Government of Hubei Province, the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, and the Hi-Tech Enterprises of Hubei Province visited Maasai Mara University. They were led by Professor Guo Yuejin to meet with members of staff from the University headed by the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor DVC (A F & P), Dr. Alloys M. Osano and Prof. Dr. Wycliffe Wanzala. 

The meeting bore a concrete discussion on the different levels of potential collaboration and partnership that Maasai Mara University can harness. Notably, the areas in line with the Big Four Agenda spearheaded by the Kenyan Government were treasured. These areas included:

  • Industrial production
  • Automobile
  • Telecommunication 
  • Aquaculture in line with the Blue Economy 
  • Leisure
  • Biological Sciences
  • Culture
  • Academic exchange programmes
  • Scientific research
  • Scholarships
  • Business incubation centre and,
  • Entrepreneurship. 

The delegation also visited the University Botanical Garden and the CAS-MMU Joint Laboratories to witness the progress of the two Chinese-funded projects. 

This comes four days after Maasai Mara University successfully signed a Memorandum of Agreement  (MoA) on collaboration in the African Botanical Joint Research Laboratory within the institution’s environs. The MoA is set to spearhead the construction of a factory that will process herbal products, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, nutrition etc.  The historic event took place last week on Thursday afternoon, December 13th, 2018 at Serena Hotel Nairobi where three parties were involved in signing the MoA: 1. Maasai Mara University 2. Kenya Botanic Diamonds Company Limited and 3, Sino-African Joint Research Center, Wuhan Botanical Garden, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.  

Date of Signing of Mou-4th March 2015
Areas of collaboration:

Education cooperation and articulation programmes.

Research collaboration

Exchange of students, faculty and staff members

Joint consultancy activities

Knowledge transfer

Participation in seminar and academic meetings

Exchange of academic materials and other information.

Date of Signing of Mou-Still in process   
Areas of Collaborations. 

The parties agree to collaborate in the following area of mutual interest:

Explore possibilities for joint research programmes.

Exchanges for students.

A team of Maasai Mara University drawn from the School of Business and Economics and the Directorate of Linkages and Collaborations with partners from the University of Munster in Germany, led by Prof. Joerg Baetge. Gracing the meeting was the Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics and Student Affairs Prof. Obere. The meeting is part of implementation of an MoU signed between the School of Business and Economics of MMARAU and School of Business of University of Munster.

Prof. Joerg offered to train the School of Business and Economics on a management model (OPEX). The School of Business however embraced this model.

MMARAU appreciates the good gesture from Prof. Joerg to donate the model to the School of Business. This is a great tool for effective teaching of Business Students.

Maasai Mara University with a leading partner "University of Nottingham (UK)" under the Department of International Development of SPHEIR programme management has involved in Transformation of Pharmacy and Chemistry Degree Provision.

Expected duration: four years

Transformation of Pharmacy and Chemistry Degree Provision will work with Kenyan academics to engage employers and alumni from the healthcare, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to reinvigorate chemistry and pharmacy higher education courses and better link learning outcomes with population needs.

The partnership aims to:

  • create a globally competitive and adaptive chemistry and pharmacy workforce to meet the requirements of a rapidly industrialising Kenyan economy
  • enhance collaboration between industry and education with an emphasis on chemistry and pharmacy courses
  • link learning outcomes and wider impact at the individual, institutional, systemic and national levels
  • develop diagnostic models and benchmarking tools for developing academic capacity in pharmacy and chemistry.

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Date of Signing of Mou-28th January, 2015   
Areas of Collaborations.
The parties agree to collaborate in the following area of mutual interest:

Explore possibilities for exchange of research staff;

Establish and promote joint research projects and academic cooperation;

Exchange of information;

Organize and participate in joint academic activities such as field expeditions, seminars and conferences.

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