Lecturer, Educational Administration 

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Mobegi, F. O. Ondigi, B. & Oburu, P. (2007). Quality Assurance strategies and challenges in public secondary schools in Gucha district. Educational Research and Reviews: V5(7), pp. 408-414, July 2010

Mobegi, F.O. & ondigi, B. (2011). “ Coping with Quality Assurance Challenges faced by secondary schools’ headteachers in gucha District.” Education Research and reviews: Vol. 6(12), pp. 746-752, 25 september, 2011

Mobegi, F. O., Ondigi, B. & Simantwa, E.M. (2012). “Factors contributing to Financial Mismanagement and Misappropriation in Public Secondary schools in Gucha District, KENYA.”  International Journal management Research: Vol.2  

Mobegi, F.O. (2015). Perceptions of Stakeholders Regarding the Effect of Financial Mismanagement on the Quality of School Workers, Students’ Enrolment and Performance in Public Secondary Schools in Gucha Sub-County, Kenya. Inter. J. Acad. Res. Educ. Rev. 3(8): 215-222

Mobegi, F.O. (2015). Perceptions of Stakeholders Regarding the Effect of Financial Mismanagement on Physical Facilities in Public Secondary Schools in Gucha Sub-County, Kenya. Internal Journal of Social Science and Economics Invention Volume// 01//issue//03//September 2015 

Research Activities/Projects

Thesis on “The Quality Assurance Challenges and Opportunities for Secondary Schools Headteachers in Gucha District, Kenya”

Thesis on the “Effect of Financial Mismanagement and Misappropriation on Quality Education in public Secondary Schools in Gucha District, Kenya.” PH.D Un-published Thesis: Maseno University, Kenya. 

A research project paper on “The Role of Primary School Headteachers in the Management of school awarded Constituency Development Fund in Ikolomani Constituency, Kakamega District, Kenya” 

A research project on the “Teaching of Life Skills subject in Eregi Teachers Training College and its Catchment Schools in Kakamega South District,Kenya.” (On-going Project) Action Research on the Perceptions of Students and Tutors on the Role of Peer Teaching on Student’s Learning and Performance in Eregi Teachers Training College in Kakamega County, Kenya 

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