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4. The Global Environmental and Occupational Health (Geohealth)-University of Addis Ababa – Ethiopia.                                                                                                     
Nature of collaboration.- Environmental and Occupational Health Issues.
Areas of collaboration:

To conduct a survey to identify current research, educational, policy and regulatory activities (Governmental, academic, NGO)

To analyze findings of inventory and conduct planning workshops

To develop innovative & cost-effective solutions to identified training, research and policy needs

To develop a strategic research plan for the full hub proposal

To address critical evidence gaps for mitigation of environmental and occupational health problems

Focus on priority areas of national and regional stakeholders

To establish a capacity building framework for the full hub proposal for

Create a framework for translating research findings into preventive action

Focus on medical, public health, and regulatory sectors

Partnership with working appropriate organizations in the region

Provide an immersion experience in environmental health research and training for AAU principal scientists

Create regional networking platforms to develop regional buy-in for the full GEOHealth hub

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