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9. University Of Bordeaux 3-France.
1.0 The goals

To support the mobility of students (master and PHD) and academics
• To support the use of the French language
• To support the research program in some fields.
2.0 The fields
2.1 The Tourism and Art schools of Maasai Mara University on one part, the IATU (institute of urban and touristic management), the DEFLE (department of French language studies) on the other part: exchange of curricula, teachers in a first time.
3.0 The supports
3.1 A applied research program in tourism and heritage development of the territories, with the opportunity of financial support (AAP-CRA, Appel à Projets du Conseil Regional Aquitaine) with the master tourism of UPPA (Pau University) and the DRAC Aquitaine.
The supports will involve;
i) Establishment of a French Language Institute/ centre
Maasai Mara University is currently teaching French language to students undertaking tourism, arts and hospitality courses. Being in an exclusively Anglophone environment, access to resources and materials is limited i.e. books, equipment, teaching aids. The availability of a modern language laboratory fully equipped with internet connection with white board interactive would improve the capacity to effectively teach French language and culture. Supplementary material that aids in learning process and actualization of the French language and culture like magazines, newspapers, story books, films, documentaries will also help build capacity. It is important to build French language and culture capacity because of the effect and competition of other languages in the world.
With the strong capacity of university of University of Bordeaux 3 in teaching over 20 languages there is an opportunity to work together to introduce teaching of Swahili language spoken in East African Community and DRC Congo.( A technical proposal will be developed on this opportunity.)
ii) Establishment of Cultural Heritage Institute/centre.
The Cultural Heritage institute/centre to support development and preservation of cultural heritage in the region. With the capacity of Bordeaux 3, the University of Pau on heritage management cooperation will be possible. Narok is a rich area in terms of cultural resources including indigenous knowledge being the home of the Maasai people whose culture continues to withstand the test of time.
iii) Maasai Mara University research/field station in the Mara game reserve
Maasai Mara University being a young institution is establishing a research/field station in the Mara game reserve. The aim is to develop tourism and hospitality research facilities for students as well as tourists education centre. The facility will serve as a documentation centre for all research and activities in the Mau Mara Serengeti Ecosystem. (A technical proposal will be developed on this opportunity.)
3.2 Exchange programs (fellowship in master and PHD) with the support of French Embassy and the future project to create a consortium (Eramus european program).
3.3 Capacity building on; library, Science and Computer capacities
The Maasai Mara University Library aims at providing a comprehensive literature on tourism, wild life and forestry conservation and other aspects knowledge including community integration and social transformations to enable the university achieve its vision of promoting knowledge on tourism, nature conservation and economic and social integration through innovative research and policy dialogue, as well as training a new generation of elites on issues relating to conservation of nature in Africa. Other capacities/ resources;
Science Lab equipment,

  • ICT infrastructure,
  • Nursing school resources,
  • Media lab resources, and
  • GIS capacity/ equipment for climate change monitoring.

c) Eco -museum at Regional Park of the Lands

After visiting it was observed that it is possible to set up an eco museum at Maasai Mara facility at Mara. The Director to attend and participate in the conference. MMU to develop a proposal, and seek support from French Embassy.
MMU to draw a workplan and begin by collecting artefacts for the proposed eco museum Establishing a tripartite cooperation between the park, Maasai mara game reserve and MMUThat the Ecomuseum at Regional Park of the Lands is ready to assist where necessary through consultancy and cooperation.

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