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Fees Payment through Mpesa Paybill 400222

  • Go to " Lipa na Mpesa"
  • Select "Pay Bill" (400222)
  • Enter Account Number ( Institution Code# Admission Number)
  • Enter Fees Amount
  • Enter Mpesa PIN
  • Confirm the transaction
  • Receive SMS confirming the payment is successful

 Institution Codes

  • Acc No - 01129337192600 (PSSP), Code 21
  • Acc No - 01129337192601 (JAB), Code 22
  • Acc No - 01129337192602 (Accommodation), Code 23

Note- you do not need to pay school fees at the co-operative bank of kenya, branch


picture of vcVice Chancellor

Prof. Mary K. Walingo, Ph.D

Welcome to Maasai Mara University. The vision we hold as a University is to be a World Class University committed to academic excellence for development. Our Mission is to provide Quality University education through innovative teaching, research and consultancy services for development. We offer high-quality, branded graduands whose image is recognizable among consumers in the corporate world by creating a sense of confidence among consumers who send the daughters and sons here. Read More

Successful launch of European Space Agency’s AEOLUS Satellite at the Kourou Space Centre

The European Space Agency Advisory Committee on Earth Observation (Professor Jacquie McGlade- Director of Sekenani Space and Resilience Research Centre on far right) in Mission Control at Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana ready for the launch. Aeolus in the Launch Tower with the VEGA rocket system. A successful launch  at 21:20 GMT (23:20 CEST, 18:20 local time) on 22 August. 55 minutes after launch, Vega’s upper stage delivered Aeolus into orbit and contact was established through the Troll ground station in Antarctica at 00:30 CEST on 23 August. September 12th first wind data is released,  showing large-scale easterly and westerly winds between Earth’s surface and the lower stratosphere, including jet streams.

This is just the first step. The Sekenani Space and Resilience Research Centre at the Maasai Mara University will be using these data and many others from a wide array of platforms to tell us what is happening in our environment.Read More

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Admission Letter

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Students Portal

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Lecturer and Ag. Director of Postgraduate Studies

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Mobile: +254 727408204




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Works Edited

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Conferences and Seminars Attended

  5. GANAA 2012 Summer School on Multilingualism and Language Policies in Africa DAAD AFRICA CONFERENCE AT JOOUST, 9th-15thSeptember, 2012 BONDO.

Papers Presented at Conferences

1. A Critical Discourse Analysis of Selected Songs of Benga Maestro Dr. Osito Kalle.at the 3rd East African Literary Conference, University of Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA.

2. Managing Personal Desires Through Advertisements of HIV and AIDS in the Print Media. At the 2nd International Maasai Mara University Conference On Innovation, Tourism And Entrepreneurship For Sustainable Development, Narok KENYA.

3. Innovative Language Use in Multimodal Discourses: A Case study of the Always Television Advertisement. At the 10thJKUAT Scientific, Technological and Industrialization Conference and Exhibitions, Juja KENYA.

4. Ni Poa Ku-Chill: Images of HIV and AIDS in the School Environment. At The 2nd SEREK International Conference, Eldoret KENYA.

5. The Changing Face of HIV and AIDS in Kenyan Newspapers. At the GANAA 2012 Summer School on Multilingualism and Language Policies in Africa Conference in JOOUST, Bondo, KENYA.


  1. Apondi Sarah, MA in Linguistics, Maseno University (Graduated 2015)
  2. Ogembo A. Mercy, MA in Linguistics, Maseno University (Ongoing)
  3. Koinange J. Cyprian, MA in Religious Studies, MMARAU (Ongoing)
  4. Watene D. Nganga, Ph.D in Educational Administration, MMARAU (Ongoing)

How to Register for the Students Smart Cards

  1. Log in to the portal either on your smart phones or any other internet source.
  2. Click Register option.
  3. Fill and answer questions as per the guidelines provided on the portal.
  4. Submit to confirm registration.
  5. If successful you will receive a confirmation email.
  6. Login to your sQuid account
International Research Meeting at the Tony Lapham Predator Research Hub

On Saturday 15th September, international and Kenyan researchers, funders. community leaders and trusts met at the Tony Lapham Predator Research Hub in the Mara to exchange the latest research findings on predators and human-wildlife interactions in the Mara ecosystem and to discuss the creation of a new Greater Mara Research Co-ordination centre to address key wildlife conservation  and socio-economic development issues in the Greater Mara ecosystem. Read More

Mara TVET Training Project

picture of tvet

A team from Maasai Mara University comprising of the  Director (Linkages and Collaborations), Director (PSSP & TVET), Director (Sekenani Resilience and Space Research Centre) and Ag. Deputy Registrar (Academic Affairs) held a meeting Read More


Maji taka yastawisha bustani katika chuo kikuu cha Maasai Mara

Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited MMARAU

A delegation of 7 members from Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, visited African Medicinal Botanical Garden (AMBG) and Wastewater Effluent Management System (WEMS) of the Maasai Mara University as part of the cooperation between the University and Chinese Counterparts to enhance the established cooperation. Read More

Donation of Laboratory Equipment by Chinese Academy of Sciences

Maasai Mara University and Wuhan Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences have partnered to jointly support scientific research through equipping University Laboratories and promoting staff and students exchange programs. The donated equipment will Read More

Antibiotic Resistance: Calling on Citizens to Help Tackle the Problem

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