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Lecturer and Chairman, ICT Dept

Mobile: +254722621152

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  1. Nooseli, M. L., & Matheka, A. M. (2015). Adoption of Mobile Phones for Research as an Alternative to Desktop and Laptop Computers in Resource Constrained Countries: Case Study of Maasai Mara University . International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research , ISSN 2223 - 4985.
  2. Bwana, C. A., & Nooseli, M. L. (2014). Impact of Mobile Phone Related Spending on Rural Community in Kenya: A Case Study of Kiabuya Village in Homabay County. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research, Vol. 4, No.8 pp. 312-324. ISSN 2223-4985
  3. Nooseli, M. L., & Omwansa, T. K. (2013). Towards a Critical Realist Epistemology for M-Health Research. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research, 205-210. ISSN 2223-4985

Conferences Attended

  1. Nooseli, M. L. (2016). Denial of Service Mitigation. 2nd International Maasai Mara University Conference, (p. 102). Narok
  2. Nooseli, M. (2016). Predicting Heart Diseases Using Naïve Bayes. 2nd International Maasai Mara University Conference, (p. 101). Narok
  3. Nooseli, M. L. (2016). ICT Strategy for Political Campaign. 2nd International Maasai Mara University Conference, (p. 102). Narok.
  4. Nooseli, l. M. (2014). Application of Data Mining in Health Information Systems. Maasai Mara University 1st International Conference .Narok: Maasai Mara University .

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