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This is Mburu's ImageSpecialization: Forestry and Wood Sciences

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He is an associate professor at Maasai Mara University, School of Tourism and Natural Resources. He has a teaching and research experience of 15 years in the department of Forestry and Woodscience, University of Eldoret. Prof. Mburu has supervised 15 postgraduate and more than 50 undergraduate research students. He has also served as a head of forestry and wood science department and member of university senate.



Reasearch Interests and Courses taught:

  • Forestry and wood sciences
  • wood and non-wood forest products
  • wood biodeterioration and protection
  • wood anatomy and  fiber science
  • Forest products value addition
  • Papers in Refereed Journals


  • Francis Mburu, Peter Sirmah, Fred Muisu, Stephane Dumarcay, Philippe Gerardin (2013): Selected Wood Properties of Prunus Africana (Hook) Grown in Kenya as Possible Reasons for its High Natural Durability. Journal DRVNA Industrija , Vol 64 (1) 19-24.
  • Sylvester Kibet, Peter Sirmah, Francis Mburu & Fred Muisu 2013: Wood dimensional stability and extractives as reasons for termite and fungal resistance of the lesser known Albizia malacophylla, Kenyan wood species. Journal of Indian Academy of Wood Sci. Vol 10 (1) 48-54
  • Francis G. Mburu, Fred N. Muisu, Peter K. Sirmah, Joseph M. Mugo, J.M. Senyanzobe Josiah Chepkwony: (2013) Effect of Fungal Degradation of Wood Chips on Pulp and Paper Properties at Panafrican Paper Mills,Webuye, Kenya. New York Science Journal 2013;6(1) 14-19
  • Carol Munini Munyao* Fred Muisu Jacob Mbego Francis Mburu Peter Sirmah, (2013): Influence of Land Size on Adoption of Jatropha Curcas in Yatta District, Kenya  Journal of Natural Sciences Research , Vol.3, No.4, 42-50
  • Mugo Mware, Benjamin Mwasi, Francis Mburu, Peter Sirma, Eric Koech (2012). Adaptation of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) curve number (CN) model in estimating direct run-off from humid tropical forest catchments. Water and Environment Journal. doi:10.1111/j.1747-6593.2012.00346.x
  • Njoroge Eunice, Sirmah Peter, Mburu Francis, Koech Eric, Mugo Mware, Chepkwony Josiah (2012). Preference and adoption of Farmer Field School (FFS) Prosopis juliflora management practices: Experiences in Baringo District, Kenya. Journal of Forestry Studies in China
  • Sirmah P., Mburu F., Iaych K., Poaty B., Durmaçay S., Gérardin P., (2011). Potential antioxidant compounds from different parts of Prosopis juliflora. Journal of Tropical Forests Science 23 (2): 187-195. 
  • Oyun Mathew Banji, Mburu Francis Gichuhi, Sirmah Peter Kipkosgei (2010). Herbicidal effects of leachates from selected tree species for weed control in Maize (Zea Mays.L) farm. Journal of Agriculture, Pure and Applied Science and Technology 5, 52-59.
  • P. K. Sirmah, F. G. Mburu, F. N. Muisu, G. M. Wahungu and C. W. Waweru (2009). Incidence and severity of marine borer attack at different depths at Mtongwe Jetty Pontoon Mombasa, Kenya. African journal of ecology 47,693-698.
  • Kirui Stella C., Wanjala Fredrick, Kiprono Paul Chepkwony, Mburu Francis, Muisu Fred, Sirmah Peterand Kiprop Ambrose (2009). Evaluation of biocidal properties of Terminalia spinosa and their role in heartwood durability. Journal of Agriculture, Pure and Applied Science and Technology 1, 61-68.
  • Francis Mburu, Stephane Dumarçay, Jean Francois Bocquet, Mathieu Pétrissans, P. Gérardin (2008). Effect of Chemical modifications caused by heat treatment on mechanical proprties of Grevillea robusta wood. Polymer Degradation and Stability Vol 93 pp 401-405
  • Francis Mburu, Stephane Dumarçay, Philippe Gérardin (2007). Evidence of fungicidal and termicidal properties of Prunus Africana heartwood extractives. Holzforschung, Vol 61 pp 323-325.
  • Francis Mburu, Stephane Dumarçay, Francois Huber, Mathieu Pétrissans, Philippe Gérardin (2007).  Evaluation of thermally modified Grevillea robusta heartwood as an  alternative to shortage of wood resource in Kenya: characterization of physicochemical properties and improvement of bio-resistance.  Bioresource Technology, Vol 98 3478-3486.
  • F. Mburu, F. Muisu, P. Sirmah, P. Gérardin (2005). Impregnability of Grevillea    robusta using the sap displacement method. Bois et Forêts des Tropiques, 286(4), 65-72.
  • Okwara, D.N and Mburu F.G (2004).  A survey of fungal degradation causing premature failure of Eucalyptus saligna transmission poles in five regions of Kenya. Journal of tropical forest sciences, Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong, 52109 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
  • Venkatasamy R.N., Okwara, D.N, and Mburu F.G. (2003).  Influence of pH on the leaching of copper chromium and arsenic from CCA treated sapwood of Kenyan grown Eucalyptus saligna in laboratory tests – Environmental concerns Journal of East African natural resource Management (Jeanarm) Vol 1 .

Collaborations and Linkages

University of Pau-France

It was requested that MMU to host one French Master of Tourism student for internship in 2014.The details to be discussed between Dean Tourism MMU and Director Tourism University of Pau France after the conference.

Clemson University - U.S.A.

Exchange research, training and workshop conference Developing a tourism information system for Maasai Mara Game Reserve

University of Bordeaux 3-France

Establishment of a French Language Institute/ centre Maasai Mara University is currently teaching French language to students undertaking tourism, arts and hospitality courses.

Aarhus University- Denmark

Establish and promote joint research, development projects and academic cooperation with focus on the Maasai Mara (ecosystem, living conditions, economic growth and biodiversity)

Regents University-London-U.K

Areas of collaboration: Education cooperation and articulation programmes. Research collaboration Exchange of students, faculty and staff members Joint consultancy activities Knowledge transfer Participation in seminar and academic meetings Exchange of academic materials and other information.

Kenya Industrial Estates

Create incubation centers and incubate student's projects with potential for commercialization. Attachment of MMU staff to enterprise funded through KIE for purposes of gaining experience that would be ploughed back into teaching.

University of Hertfordshire.- London-U.K

To conduct a survey to identify current research, educational, policy and regulatory activities (Governmental, academic, NGO)

University of Munster, Germany

The parties agree to collaborate in the following area of mutual interest: Explore possibilities for joint research programmes, Exchanges for students.

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