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Senior Lecturer / Chair of Department (CIEM) Education

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Recent Conferences Attended

  • Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Eldoret – Society of Educational Research and Evaluation in Kenya: 2nd International Conference on The Dynamics of Education Reform in African Countries in the 21st Century. Presented a paper on “Monitoring and Evaluation for Sustainable Educational Programmes.” 
  • Maasai Mara University – 1st International Conference on Knowledge Management for Transformation: Pitfalls, Synergy and Innovation. - co-presented Two papers one on “Nocturnal Enuresis in Boarding Secondary School: Teenage Dilemma” and the other one “Influence of Family Background on Girls’ Participation in Primary School Education in Narok North District, Kenya” 
  • Laikipia University – 2nd International Conference on African Universities: Crisis, Transformation and Opportunities 
  • French Institute for Research in Africa – Conference on Fifty years After Political Independence: The politics of Social Protection in Kenya. Co-presented a paper on “Milestones on Social Protection and Education in Kenya since Independence”. 
  • KCA University – Society of Educational Research and Evaluation in Kenya: 1st Internal Conference on Reengineering Education for Positive Societal Transformation. – co-presented Two papers one on “Effects of Tunga Penetrans Infestation on Academic Achievement” and the other on, “Influence of Early Marriages on Participation in Primary School Education.”

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