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Like all Academic Libraries of the 21st century, we have hybrid facilities, preserving past knowledge while offering the latest electronic resources, information services and enabling technologies. The library was established in 2007, with a collection of 2,000. This has since grown to almost 30,000 volumes, including about 10,000 in e-journals, as well as e- books. These extensive collections are readily accessible over the internet and via the Open Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) as well as other resources. The University Library provides a critical portal, where scholarship is discovered and used. This is where collaborative education takes place. The students, faculty and staff find the expert assistance of highly trained librarians. Reliable access to scholarly resources and provision of timely information services to the students, faculty, and staff remains our primary goal.

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Our Vision

"The goal of the University Library is to ensure that all the learning, teaching and research information needs of the university community are met."

Our Mission

To acquire, manage and disseminate information through the use of information literacy and Information Communication Technology approaches to ensure quality and relevance in the University’s pursuit of scholarly excellence, integrity, competence and service to the individual and society.

Our Objectives

  1. Identify the teaching, learning and research information needs of the lecturers, students, researchers and administrative staff in the university;
  2. Identify, select and acquire quality and relevant information materials in print and computer-based formats that will support the core activities of the University;
  3. Mount an information literacy programme for users in order to equip them with the information skills needed for the full utilization of the available information resources;
  4. Organize information materials by cataloguing, classifying and indexing these materials to ensure ease of retrieval for the users; form partnerships and linkages for purposes of resource sharing and benchmarking.

Maasai Mara University Library Staff:

1. Mrs. Nancy KimileAg. University Librarian

2. Mrs. Rahab Koech: Information Technologist

3. Ms. Kirwa Jeptoo: Reference Librarian

4. Mr. Dalmas Timapati: Circulation Librarian

5. Mrs. Rhodah Koonyo: Technical Services Librarian

6. Mr. George Odhiambo: Book Binder

7. Ms. Veronicah Mwende: e-Resources


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The Maasai Mara University library subscribes to online full-text Academic journals in various disciplines through the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) & Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (P.E.R.I) programme, directly with publishers as well as open-access databases. Bellow are the Links to Access.

British Institute of Radiology Journals                                                         Click to Access
Cambridge University Press - Cambridge Journals Online                     Click to Access
De Gruyter LIS Books Click to Access
EBSCO Host Research Databases                               Click to Access
Emerald Management 120 eJournal Collection          Click to Access
Geological Society - The Lyell Collection Click to Access
IOP Publishing- IOPscience Click to Access
Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS)     Click to Access
JSTOR Click to Access
Liebert Online Click to Access
Nature Publishing Group Journals     Click to Access
OECD iLibrary Click to Access
OUP - E-Books Oxford English Dictionary Online     Click to Access
Project MUSE books Click to Access
Project MUSE journals   Click to Access
Royal College of Physicians Click to Access
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC Journals Archive) Click to Access
Sage Journals Click to Access
Springer eJournals Click to Access
Taylor & Francis Journals   Click to Access
University of California Press   Click to Access
University of Chicago Journals Click to Access
Wiley Online Library SSH   Click to Access
America Institute of physics journals  Click to Access
American Physical Society  Click to Access
Canadian Science Publishing (publisher of the NRC Research Press journals)  Click to Access
OUP - Oxford Journals  Click to Access
Palgrave Macmillan eJournals  Click to Access
Royal Society - Royal Society Journals Online  Click to Access
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Journals Click to Access
Taylor & Francis eBestseller Packages Click to Access
World Bank eLibrary  Click to Access



Maasai Mara University library Staff:

1. Mrs. Nancy Simile

    Ag. University Librarian

2. Mrs. Rahab Koech
    Information Technologist

3. Ms. Kirwa Jeptoo
    Reference Librarian

4. Mr. Dalmas Tiampati
    Circulation Librarian

5. Mrs. Rhodah Koonyo
    Technical Services Librarian

6. Mr. George Odhiambo
    Book Binder

7. Ms. Veronicah Mwende

(a) Damage and Loss of Library Materials

(i) Any user who causes damage to library material or other property will be charged for replacement. Marking of books and other library material will be regarded as damage.

(ii) Readers and borrowers will be responsible for publications lost while in their charge and will be required to pay replacement. Lost books once recovered remain library property. Replacement charges shall not be refunded.

(b) Borrowing from the Library

(i) Only registered users will be allowed to borrow materials from the libraries. Some library collections are not on loan and these are appropriately      marked. Materials on Reserve can only be used within the library except when overnight loan is allowed.

 (ii)  No user shall take a book out of the library unless it is properly issued to him/her at the issue desk. All persons leaving the library must show all books, periodicals etc in their possessions to the members of library staff at the exit.

 (iii)  Bound periodicals can only be borrowed by academic staff for 7 days. These will count against the maximum number of books allowed.

 (iv)  Fines shall be charged for late return of books borrowed at a rate to be determined from time to time.

 (v)  Librarian shall have the right to recall a book on loan. These shall be returned immediately and a fine shall be charged for failure to return such books within 4 days from the date of such recall.

 (vi)  The librarian shall have the authority to demand the return of any or all books borrowed at time.

(c) General Rules

Silence must be observed in the libraries.
Smoking, eating and drinking in the library is forbidden.
Use of mobile phones within the libraries is not allowed.
Readers are expected to behave decently at all times while in the libraries.
The librarian shall have the authority to withdraw or refuse library facilities due to disregard of regulations. In case of other misconduct, the user may be banned from using the library. 


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Collaborations and Linkages

University of Pau-France

It was requested that MMU to host one French Master of Tourism student for internship in 2014.The details to be discussed between Dean Tourism MMU and Director Tourism University of Pau France after the conference.

Clemson University - U.S.A.

Exchange research, training and workshop conference Developing a tourism information system for Maasai Mara Game Reserve

University of Bordeaux 3-France

Establishment of a French Language Institute/ centre Maasai Mara University is currently teaching French language to students undertaking tourism, arts and hospitality courses.

Aarhus University- Denmark

Establish and promote joint research, development projects and academic cooperation with focus on the Maasai Mara (ecosystem, living conditions, economic growth and biodiversity)

Regents University-London-U.K

Areas of collaboration: Education cooperation and articulation programmes. Research collaboration Exchange of students, faculty and staff members Joint consultancy activities Knowledge transfer Participation in seminar and academic meetings Exchange of academic materials and other information.

Kenya Industrial Estates

Create incubation centers and incubate student's projects with potential for commercialization. Attachment of MMU staff to enterprise funded through KIE for purposes of gaining experience that would be ploughed back into teaching.

University of Hertfordshire.- London-U.K

To conduct a survey to identify current research, educational, policy and regulatory activities (Governmental, academic, NGO)

University of Munster, Germany

The parties agree to collaborate in the following area of mutual interest: Explore possibilities for joint research programmes, Exchanges for students.

Physical Address

Maasai Mara University

P.O. Box 861 - 20500, Narok, Kenya 


Tel: +254 020 5131400

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