The Maasai Mara University Student Leaders are tasked to be instrumental in embracing the Corporate Identity (CI) of the institution hence giving rise to favorable corporate image. This is according to the new Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Bulitia Godrick Mathews Ph.D.  

Speaking during a welcoming and introductory meeting between Student Leaders and the new academic champion, Prof. Bulitia urged the leaders to clasp the highest standards of the acceptable code of conduct academically and in lifestyle. 

The student frontrunners were elated to taste the academic and leadership prowess of the new D.V.C (A, & SA) promising to work closely and supportively with him. The heads work under the umbrella of Maasai Mara University Students Association. 

Present during the meeting were the Dean of Students and Chairman- Kenya Universities Dean of Students (KUDSA) Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Adan and the Senior Administrative Assistant at the Office of the Dean of Students Mrs. Susan Kimweli. 

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