The relentless efforts and goodwill by the Maasai Mara University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mary K. Walingo to scale the institution to greatest networks as a world-class university are alive and superb. 

Prof. Walingo has at all times reached out to reputable global Institutions of Higher Learning, the recent being the Iowa State University where she pitched a tent for days thus bagging partnership and collaboration.

She was elated to share the Corporate Identity and interests of Maasai Mara University to the Senior Vice President and Provost at Iowa State University Dr Jonathan Wickert hence the conjectured partnership.

Among the noble areas featured are fields of Agriculture, BioSystems and Engineering. These areas are part and parcel of Maasai Mara University’s intent of knowledge creation, sharing and dissemination to prepare graduates that equally meet market demands. The research was also part of the critical components of the collaboration.