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Maasai Mara University recognizes the importance of partnerships and cooperation with other institutions with similar objectives for purposes of internationalization of its programmes. The collaboration/cooperation with the University of Bordeaux will bring mutual benefits and foster cultural exchange.

Our Uniqueness as Maasai Mara University

Natural Resource Management; The Famous Mau Complex, which is under threat of depletion is just adjacent to Maasai Mara University; the University through research and collaboration with stakeholders and other partners can contribute significantly to restoration and scientific management of this critical resource for Sustainability.

Maasai Mara-Serengeti Ecosystem; Maasai Mara University is at the Gate of the Greater Maasai Mara-Serengeti Ecosystem 'the seventh Wonder of the World' which hosts the largest number of wildlife species on earth and which is under threat. The University is establishing Research and Extension Programs in wildlife and Environmental Conservation in the effort of protecting the endangered Maasai Mara-Serengeti Ecosystem.

Tourism and Hospitality; This is Kenya's second-highest income earner- the University intends to collaborate with stakeholders and other partners to strengthen these programs by; Enhancing quality human resource production Diversifying tourism products i.e. Eco-Tourism, Cultural Tourism, and Community Based Tourism and Promote sustainable development of tourism resources

Cultural Heritage Development and conservation; the University is located in a culturally rich region, Maasai Land thus can strengthen and enhance the development of this cultural resource through Research, documentation and Preservation and foster cultural Exchange Programs with other Cultures of the World.

Indigenous knowledge; The University has the opportunity to enhance available indigenous knowledge from the local communities especially in traditional /alternative medicine from plants.

Community Health Programs; the University is located in a Rural Setting and thus it can develop Community Health Programs such as; HIV/AIDS, Public Health, Environmental Health e.t.c

Agriculture; the university is located in an area which is largely semi-arid but with a section to the north which is good for wheat farming. Other crops such as barley, maize, and potatoes e.t.c also do well. The university aims at establishing programmes to improve such activity through modern technology.
Other possible areas of collaboration/ cooperation may include; capacity building, library resources, scholarships, student and faculty exchange as well as any areas that would be of mutual interest to both universities.

The Directorate of Linkages and Collaborations hosted Gert Bomhof, from the Netherlands. Gert Bomhof is involved in Community projects and has helped develop Nkoilale Community Development Organization in the Mara region.

The University will be working to partner with his Foundation on vocational training, exchange programmes, and partnership with AERES institutions from the Netherlands.